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To ensure the quality of our work each and every time, we use only high quality professional products including Schwartzkopf from Germany and Luxury Hair Color by Green Light from Italy.

Phonatip is proud to feature Luxury Hair Color by Green Light from Italy.

Discover the new permanent Luxury Hair Color cream from Italy — a series of glamorous, versatile and fashionable colors that allow perfect results, 100% coverage of grey hair and infinite possibilities of personal expression.

The precious ingredients, White Tea and Orchid Butter, profoundly nourish and illuminate the hair. United, these ingredients form a complex that has Long Lasting – Anti-Age and Anti-Pollution properties, which constantly protect the structure of the hair, the color and shine from the aggressions of smog, sun and free radicals.

You will experience soft, silky hair with an extraordinary color that will last over time.

What makes Luxury Hair Color the world’s best color?

Pure Dye – Most all professional Hair Colors use pigment molecules, which are good quality and around 90% pure.  Luxury brand has an exclusive formula that is 99.8 % pure, far more pure than thought possible a few years ago. The new Micro Pigments Technology, combined with their higher grade ingredients makes the most advanced color ever created.

High Quality Conditioner – All color must have a conditioner to accompany the dye molecule into the hair so that harsh chemicals don’t destroy the hair. Other brands buy a good quality conditioner that comes in a dehydrated powder, it’s economical and of fairly good quality.  Green Light Luxury brand uses a liquid conditioner of the highest quality that is constantly kept heated and vacuum fed into a vat as the color is made to keep air out and add to its purity.

Low Ammonia Content – Top color brands now have ammonia down to 2% or 3% percent in most shades while their high lift shades have a little more. This is quite a reduction from many years ago.  Luxury brand has only 54/100th of 1% in most of their shades. Even their high lift shades have just a little over one percent ammonia content. This is a great improvement for the hair and the health of the colorist.

High Purity – Luxury Hair Color is manufactured under the strictest pharmaceutical conditions. The factory in Brescia Italy has ISO 9000, GMP, Ecocert and RTC certifications and licenses. The factory floor even has radiant heat to reduce dust and improve air quality.  Luxury brand uses a pharmaceutical grade tube that has a copper liner for extra purity. They manufacture their own nitrogen that is sprayed in the tube both before and after the color is filled in the tube for maximum purity and protection. The caps and closures are of the highest quality to insure an air tight seal.

Precious Ingredients: White Tea  – White Tea is produced from sprouts that are collected by hand and left to dry without fermenting with allows them to maintain an elevated concentration of plyphenols. White tea is rich in flavanoids and has effacious Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Age properties. It is the finest and most noble tea, where in ancient times, it was reserved only for the emperors, and it has always been considered as an elixir for long life.

Precious Ingredients: Orchid Butter – Extracted from Orchid oil, rich of lipids to high affinity, it has extraordinary nourishing and hydrating properties that give a natural brightness to the hair and guarantees an elevated protection of the scalp.

Consistent quality – Luxury Hair Color is manufactured in the worlds most advanced hair color factory. Each vat has a camera in the vat so that the technicians can monitor the mixing on large computerized control panels. Then as each tube is filled and sealed a digital image is taken of a laser code that is put on every tube. As the automated line fills the shipping containers a robotic arm stacks them on pallets to ready them for shipment.

Competitive Pricing – The finest quality ingredients and modern production facilities are very expensive. Luxury Hair Color is available to top salons at a fair price.

A Greener World & Beautiful Hair – If professional salons switched to Luxury Hair Color with its 1-2 mix ratio, then salons in the USA alone, could save about 2 million gallons of petroleum based products. This is based on 300 million bottles or colors used professionally per year with an average size of 2.5 ounces each. The average color is mixed one part color to one part developer. Luxury Brand is mixed one part color to two parts developer. This creates a healthier product, a more economical product and a greener environment.